Friday, February 19, 2010

What a weenie..

It's sad to see that my earlier posts were about the fear of flying!! I am a big weenie, when it comes to flying.. but I have taken a leap of faith... and have embarked on a new collection ... that is inspired by history... it's a journey into the past.. that will arrive somewhere in the future.

Ha ha! I have been hard at work on the jewelry for my next show at Summer Wind Gallery.. I
wanted...NO..needed to do something here it is..

....ART DECO....... baby!!

It is such an interesting time in history..designs were very simple.. the lines very clean and geometric. I discovered that costume jewelry was originally intended to go with one certain outfit.... not so different from my statement pieces... one must first buy the jewelry, then buy the outfit to complement the necklace!!

Show reception: April 24, 2010 @ Summer Wind Gallery

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